Seattle Urban Lakes

I Just returned from a week in Seattle, Washington. I used to live in the Pacific Northwest and I know Seattle well. It’s a big city with a lots of life, culture, booming economy and breathtaking nature. This all comes out shining in the glorious summer season.
Seattle sits along the vast body of water of the Puget Sound but it also has some amazing lakes that are a great source for recreation, fun and beauty.  I love the lakes in Seattle and they were a big part of my life in Seattle.

Green Lake – fresh water lake, famous for its wonderful walking trail around the lake. I have walked this trail almost daily while living in Seattle. This lake has lots of beautiful and some rare trees in the grounds around it. It is always full of life with people walking, biking or playing in or along the water.





Lake Union –An amazing location right at the edge of downtown, with great recreation possibilities right in the city. Lots of boats are docked at this lake including the famous houseboat communities. The lake has lots of boating activity all year round. The lake offers stunning views of Seattle skyline.





Lake Washington One of the largest lakes in Washington. Known for the gorgeous mansions along its shores.





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